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Dawn Foods Vanilla Frosting (6kg Tub)

Dawn Foods Vanilla Frosting (6kg Tub)

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6 Kilo Tub of vanilla frosting.

If you are decorating a large volume of cupcakes or cakes, this 6 kilo tub of natural frosting is ideal and will not only make it easier for you but will also reduce the time spent making large quantities of frosting. Use this frosting to pipe onto cupcakes or to fill and cover sponges. This tub will allow you to pipe approximately 100 cupcakes. You do not need to refrigerate this frosting but it must be stored in a cool place

* This is one of the only products we supply we do not accept damages on due to the product being double boxed. We cannot protect the product any further than this. Please only order if you are happy with these terms and conditions.